Most people in the Sacred Spaces Community are probably a little sick and tired of hearing me pester everyone about uploading and sharing photographs from our various trips. I pretty much make it a habit to remind everyone, especially those with a nice camera kit, that sharing photos is a lot like telling a story about our trip. What most people don't know is that our Community creates wonderful photos week-in and week-out so I'm going to take the initiative and start to organize and post them. I hope these photographs also entice people to join one of our adventures in the future so they to can be part of the fun. These images include scenes from the countryside in the Yuen Long - 元朗 area of Hong Kong. Along the western edge of the territory are several villages that work in the local oyster farm trade. One of these villages is Ha Pak Nai - 下白泥 which also holds a place in Chinese history as the site of one of a special lookout / fortification built during the early stages of the Xinhai / Sanhoi (cant) / 辛亥 Revolution.

Special thanks to our photographers: Bob, Ina, Natalie, Rebecca, and Roger for these photos. A great effort by all!