Visit Gilded Glory: Chaozhou Woodcarving / 潮州木雕 Exhibit

For most of us who are not part of the Chuichow / Teochew / Chaozhou / 潮州人 Community, Chuichow means food. This is the case because over 1 million of our friends and neighbors here in Hong Kong have their roots in the Chuichow Region of eastern Guangzhou Province and it seems they really love to eat! I mean really, when you're out late and want a late night snack you're more likely to head into a Chuichow Restaurant for a meal known as a meh siao / 夜宵 or daa laang / 打冷 in Cantonese.

As you can all imagine there are many other well known cultural activities that define the Chuichow Community none more visually stunning than the traditional art of Chuichow Woodcarving / 潮州木雕. In association with the Guangdong Museum in Guangzhou, the Hong Kong Museum of History is presenting over 120 curated pieces from their collection.

Why not come along with Hong Kong Sacred Spaces to visit the Hong Kong Museum of History in Tsim Sha Tsui to see these stunning pieces that illustrate the beauty and sheer elegance of these wooden sculptures.

The exhibit is FREE of charge. Please click here for exhibition details.

Explore Cha Kwo Ling / 茶果嶺

Saturday, Jan 12, 2019, 10:00 AM

Lam Tin MTR Station
Lam Tin MTR Station Lam Tin, HK

75 Explorers Attending

Tucked in one of the last quiet corners of East Kowloon is perhaps the last "squatter villages" left in Hong Kong called Cha Kwo Ling / 茶果嶺. It is unfair, of course, to call it a "squatter village". The term is used to belittle and is often applied by officialdom to denigrate and ultimately condemn. The word often employed to convince us that no on...

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