Talk with Raymond Lam Senior Writer for Buddhist Door Global at WeWork

"I’d like to set the scene early on by putting forward to you that religion is a theme that is consistently underestimated in importance in the news. Despite all indications pointing to the opposite..." said Raymond Lam during his opening remarks at the talk titled "Buddhism in a World of Clicks" presented by Hong Kong Sacred Spaces.

"...if you don’t believe me, please consider the common thread that runs through evangelical support for Donald Trump, the Middle East conflict and Israel, the displacement of the Rohingya from Myanmar, Buddhism’s role in China’s monumental One Belt, One Road, and of course the problems of the Roman Catholic Church and the recent schism between the Orthodox churches of Russia and Ukraine—yes, this common thread is religion."

Raymond’s take on world religion, especially Buddhism, is unique given that he is a senior writer for Buddhist Door Global, one of the most important online portals for Buddhist journalism. Understanding how religion is covered on Buddhist Door and the editorial position they often take was a big part of what made our talk so interesting.

Another unique aspect was Raymond's take on a web practitioners question related to SEO analytics (Search Engine Optimisation). How and when the writing staff use SEO data is of interest to those who come from the world of content creation and online publishing. Raymond talked about how important they are to Buddhist Door, however, Raymond mentioned the tension in finding the fine line between "following" clicks and "setting" the news agenda.
Buddhist door certainly has a board reach to find that balance is given that they run a parallel Chinese language site and are now pushing into the Spanish Speaking Buddhist world with content and correspondents stationed all over the world including Latin America.

"I am confident that we (Buddhist Door) has some of the best coverage of Buddhist journalism in Eastern Europe written in English" he declared.
Special thanks to Raymond for such an engaging talk. Additionally a big thanks to WeWork who hosted the event. Hong Kong Sacred Spaces looks forward to presenting more speakers there in the coming months.
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