Miu Gok Yuen Nunnery and Martyr’s Grave

This is a last minute scouting adventure! As I've mentioned to some of you this past weekend, I've got a long list of places that I need to scout for future events. This is definitely one of the most interesting.

Miu Gok Yuen Nunnery and Martyr’s Grave, Fung Kat Heung Road is one of the few places where people can go to remember the last armed conflict in what is now Hong Kong. For those of you who don't know, several thousand villagers in what is now called The New Territories rose up against British occupation after the signing of the 'Unequal' Convention for the Extension of Hong Kong Territory in 1898. The war was short lived but hundreds died and in many ways the rancorous politics of the New Territories can be seen as a distant echo of this brief but tumultuous event.

We'll gather at Yuen Long Station and take the 603 Green minibus to
Fung Kat Yeung Road. After that we're going walk until we come across the Nunnery. This will be an adventure so bring along some water, insect repellent, and a lot of patience as we uncover another remote but important Hong Kong Sacred Space.

Note: Photos are from an interesting blog post (http://hongkongandmacaustuff.blogspot.hk/2014/12/miu-gok-yuen-nunnery-and-martyrs-grave.html) regarding this location. Most of the text is from an excellent book by local prominent historian Patrick Haas titled: The Six-Day War of 1899: Hong Kong in the Age of Imperialism.