Lust, Caution / 色,戒 Resource Page

Tang Wei / 汤唯

The following page is a collection of some of the primary and secondary resources that I’ve been using for this series. I will be updating this from time to time and I ask that if you have something that you’d like to share please do so. I’ll be more than happy to add to this page with material in both English and Chinese.

One of the best biography pages that I’ve found in English is from Harvard University that can be found here. It’s worth giving it a read even if you know something about her life as the materials cross continents and cultures in a way that few authors can match.

There are many great articles written about this film. These articles range from scholarly articles to online blog musings on various subject. I’ve added links to some of my favourites.

The basics. Random House published a translated version of the novella and packaged it with a copy of the script and "making of the film" notes by And Lee. A must!

Those of you who are interested in general pieces on Eileen Chang’s writing I would recommend "Eileen Chang: A Life of Conflicting Cultures in China and America".

Under My Skin: Eileen Chang’s Lust, Caution and the Politics of Transcendence
Is an excellent scholarly article written about Chang’s writing in relation to deeper social currents of late Republican China.

Her sense of fashion

Female Gothic, Chinese and American styles : Zhang Ailing's Chuanqi in comparison with stories is for those of you who are writers or literary critics and finally there is "Tang Wei Sex, the City and the Scapegoat in Lust, Caution". Some of you might remember that Tang Wei / 汤唯 the lead actress in "Lust, Caution" was effectively banded from the Mainland Film and Media World for her role in the film. That controversy is recounted in the "Sex, the City and the Scapegoat" article.