Since Hong Kong Sacred Spaces primarily meets in public places I though it would be a good idea to highlight relevant health information provided by the Hong Kong Government to help our group members (and the general public) to educate themselves on the current Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV). There is also information about the seasonal flu which is a perennial problem for everyone.

I’ve also flagged information from the World Health Organization (WHO) highlighting the "big picture" of this current viral outbreak.

Please take a few minutes to review the fact sheet below BEFORE you come along on a Sacred Spaces event. Your fellow Members thank you. You can also review the Hong Kong Government’s official video News Feed available in both English and Cantonese for specific day to day updates as they have been issuing press releases daily.

A quick video on how to properly wash your hands. (Don't laugh I never washed my wrists before I watched this video!)

World Health Organization Corona-virus themed website can be reached here.

Corona-virus Explained (WHO video in English)

"What are corona-virus?" (WHO video in English)

"Prevention of Pneumonia and Respiratory Tract Infection" issued by Hong Kong’s Centre Health Protection.

Please note: If the information on this page is incorrect or inaccurate please contact Justin at as soon as possible for corrections. Thank you.