About Us

Welcome to Hong Kong Sacred Spaces! Sacred Spaces is the "Made in Hong Kong" initiative of the Hong Kong Sacred Spaces Society, a registered, non-religious, non-profit organization dedicated to exploring Hong Kong and its Culture. Sacred Spaces investigates culturally significant buildings, landscapes, and other areas that are unique to this region. We explore sites such as churches, temples, synagogues and mosques, as well as traditional Chinese ancestral sites. We also participate in workshops related to Hong Kong Culture. Sacred Spaces seeks to expand the very definition of the "sacred" by including non-traditional locations and themes in our programs like museums and sites of conservation and heritage. Most of all Hong Kong Sacred Spaces is a fun and safe place to explore and understand the world around us.

Hong Kong Sacred Spaces 歡迎任何有興趣探索香港特區境內和周邊地區的各類宗教和冥想場所的同好者參加。我們尋訪位於城市和郊野內的各種神聖空間,例如教堂、廟宇、寺院,猶太教堂,清真寺還有其他中式祖傳或民族學地點。為了更深入探討“神聖"的定義,我們的各類活動也會帶大家走訪按非傳統主題而設計的路線或景點。Hong Kong Sacred Spaces 致力讓所有參與人士能在安全、包容的環境下更多了解我們身邊的各類神聖、宗教空間和生活方式。任何針對他人的信仰、無信仰或傳播福音(或提倡無神論)之類的行為及言論將被禁止。有興趣認識香港的不同宗教藝術、建築和文化的朋友們,歡迎成為我們一份子。